Dont just hold Ethereum, stake it with daily 1% returns & price rise appreciation upto 2500%

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About EtherStake-Business

EtherStake-Business is a decentralized Ethereum base smart contract which works fully automated without any central authority making staking transparent and fair business.

EtherStake-Business provides daily returns 1% daily with upto 2500% returns and referral commission upto 20% in a completely decentralized and automated manner.



In a decentralized smart contract you are the owner of your own money, no one controls it, everything is validated by EVM (Ethereum Virtual Machine) and the parameters of which can never be compromised by anyone neither by admin or developer.


  • No Sign Up join using MetaMask / Trust-Wallet
  • Transparent staking, unstake & withdraw anytime
  • Payouts instantly to your Ethereum address

Staking & Returns

With EtherStake-Business you not only hold but stake your Ethereum earnings 1% daily returns.


Your Ethereum staking gets converted to EST token backed by Ethereum can yield upto 2500% returns within a year even without staking.
EST token always remains at higher demand since backed up with Ethereum into Smart Contract, howevery price depends purely upon supply & demand of EST token.

How to proceed

1stStep Joining
Use your referral link or visit Dashboard and connect using MetaMask or Trust-Wallet
2nd Step Buy EST
On dashboard visit Buy-Sell section and enter amount of Ethereum to purchase EST and instantly EST amount is displayed
3rd Step Staking
On dashboard visit Staking section, enter the amount of ESP to stake to earn 1% daily returns and proceed with pop-up of MetaMask/Trust-Wallet to confirm transaction
4th Step Dividends
You keep receiving dividends upto 5% depending upon amount of EST you hold, check your dividends in Wallet
5th Step Refer & Earn
On dashboard visit My referrals copy your referral link share with your friends to earn upto 35% commission upto 10 Levels
6th Step Reinvest
You can reinvest your dividends and referral commission back into smart contract and get EST tokens instatly visit Reinvest section on dashboard
7th Step Withdraw
With Withdraw you can transfer all your earnings knows as combined dividends to your MetaMask / Trust-Wallet Ether account

The Plan

Converted to EST token
Referral Distribution
Non-Staking Dividends
Admin Fees
EST tokenization

70% Ethereum is utilised for issuing EST tokens
EST can staked & instantly converted to Ethereum

Referral Distribution

Upto 10 Levels
Upto 35%


Theoritcally unlimited with Burn-In Function

Start Price

1 EST = 0.000001 ETH


Issuing 0.0000001 ETH/EST
Burning 0.0000001 ETH/EST

Holding Dividends

Upto 5% depending on EST holding

Admin Fees

3% of Ethereum


2% of Ethereum

Unrestricted earnings

EST price rise

Buy EST hold & Sell at higher price
  • Upto 2500% price rise benefits

Staking & Dividends

Staking 200 Days with Referral & Dividends
  • Daily 1%, Referral upto 35%, Dividends upto 5%

Smart Contract runs compeletly mathematical structure & pure logic based.
Smart Contract is fully automatic and can not be changed or shut down

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